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So to be able to influence people and sell them products in Arabic culture, you need to understand how business is done in over there. Then you will get to know the best way to communicate with them successfully in business and avoid miscommunication and embarrassing situations.

Solution Background

This training solutions is developed and delivered by Tharwat Wasfy, the founder of TalentGlo. The knowledge and skills delivered in this training are based on 4 years of experience in living, working and delivering various trainings in five different countries.


On a larger perspective, it aims at bridging the gap in cross-cultural communication in general, and to assist in developing an easier business communication in Arabic speaking countries in the Middle East, in particular.


Target audience

The training is prepared for business professionals who are interested to conduct business activities in Middle East and Arabic speaking countries. Whether you want to sell your products and services there, or you would like to just establish a network in Arabic speaking countries, this training will enable you to understand the way people communicate there, what they value and appreciate and what they do not.


Training Objectives

Together with real life examples from actual cross-cultural business interactions between UK, Poland, Finland & Arabic countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt & UAE, you will be able to understand and learn how to interact with Arabic speaking people, engage them and build a strong relationship that can act as a solid foundation for partnership and business development over there. Therefore, as a result of this training, you will be able to understand and learn about:


  • The Fundamentals of Arabic Culture & Business Communication.
  • The differences between Arabs and Finns in oral and written communication.
  • Tips & tactics in breaking the ice and building rapport in culturally-challenging environment.
  • Effective ways of running meetings and business negotiations tactics for Arabic culture.


Methods of Delivery:

Face to Face with Materials & Online Support. An online learning environment such as will be used to organize the training materials and post training evaluation and feedback.

Three Modules;

  1. Learning the basics of Arabic,language to be able to build rapport and break the ice.
  2. Fundamentals of Arabic Culture,names, religion, geography and personality aspects.
  3. Beyond The Fundamentals, getting a deeper look at Arab Culture.

Topics Covered

  1. Basics of Arabic Language;
  2. Introduce yourself, greetings, alphabet and way of writings briefly.
  3. Facts About The ‘Arab World’
  4. History & Modernization
  5. Family & Business
  6. Hospitality and invitations
  7. Hierarchy & Bureaucracy
  8. Oral vs. Written Communications
  9. Timing & Future
  10. Honor as a ‘Primary Motif’
  11. Interaction & Small Talks
  12. Meetings & Business Negotiations
  13. Religious Considerations
  14. Common Stereotypes
  15. Country Specific Tips

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