Instructional Design Training

Hands-on training in the field of Instructional Design with a special focus on the MOOCs industry.

Program Goals

This training program is designed to help you learn how to develop an online course that is engaging, promotes interaction and motivates learners to facilitate learning in an online learning environment. This program could also lead to an internship with TalentGlo after passing the training period with a satisfactory performance.

Training Outcomes

– Instructional Design & Concept Development

– Building Learning Outcomes of Online Courses

– Integration into a Learning Management System

Training Timetable and Tasks

– Two-month program, with eight weeks training period in total. 

– Required min. 5 hours a week, avg. 40 hours in 2 months

– At least ‘One Weekly Meeting’ + Online Collaboration

Training & Tasks Structure

This is a challenge-based learning environment where you will be given a challenge for you to work it out while applying the principles and process of instructional design.

The nature of the challenge will involve an idea for an online learning program where you would have to find out the best approach to structure the content and design the topics, the learning objectives and moving forward to the domain of skills that a participant will gain from this designed online course.

Salary & Compensation

This training is aiming at helping students of educational technology to develop their skills in instructional design and educational technology. Students are expected to spend 100% of their time learning, researching and figuring out the best Instructional Solutions therefore this is an unpaid training program where students are not paid for their learning efforts, however, based on their learning performance and skills development there will be an internship offered to the top one/two graduates from this program depending on the business needs.

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